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Previously redwhite_carpet

1.) In order to be accepted as a roleplayer you must fill out the application below and be accepted by the mod.
2.) If you are accepted, you must create a journal for your character and post a minimum of once a week unless there are extenuating circumstances, in which case you should contact one of the mods to let us know. The journal name must reflect the personality of your character. All userpics must be of your character.
3.) NO GODMODDING! You are here to play YOUR character, not everyone else's as well.
4.) Any major plotline ideas must be run by the other characters involved in the plotline.
5.) Try to keep the OOC posts here instead of within your character's journal.
6.) I encourage you all to contact me through AIM or Email with any questions or concerns. Contact Info is listed below.

NOTE: This is an 'R' rated roleplay, so it's pretty much anything goes. Do not join if you don't want to deal with mature content.

Movie Cast

Sharpay Evans: Taken

Ryan Evans: Taken

Troy Bolton: Taken

Gabriella Montez: Taken

Chad Danforth: Taken

Taylor Mckessie: OPEN !!!

Jason Cross: Taken

Zeke Baylor: Taken

Kelsi Nielson: Taken

Original Characters
Cody Jackson
Jess Taylor
Talan Thompson
Kessima Tayson

Feel free to create an Original Character to play in this group. Fill out the same application, but include somewhere which celebrity your original character will take the likeness of (Ex. An original character named Jim, represented by userpics of Drew Seeley)

All contact information can be found here

When in character...
-Please refrain from using online-chat lingo such as "lol" and "lmao"
-Remember to keep 00C stuff in the main community
-Please remember to FRIENDS LOCK all entries in both your character's journal and in the community journal.

A note about hiatus...
-Please make a post in the community outlining the exact (or as close as you can estimate) dates of your hiatus. Don't just disappear on us for two weeks and claim a hiatus after the fact. Failure to do this will result in you being cut from the rp.

Third person roleplays are useful if you want to act out a situation or event. Copy the simple form below into a new post in the community and fill out all the necessary parts. For the type of roleplay, the options are comments, AIM, or MSN.